Sennebogen upgrades its electric material handler

With Cronimet as a partner in the field of scrap recycling, Sennebogen has developed a mobile 30-ton electric material handler.

The two companies have been partnered since 2014 as part of a joint agreement to reduce CO2 emissions in recycling. Like its predecessor the 817 E, the 825 Electro Battery (825 E) has dual power management for autonomous working, both in battery operation and when hooked up to the mains. The 378kW lithium-ion battery pack sits at the rear, offering up to eight hours of operation before requiring a recharge.

“With this innovation project, we are taking a decisive step towards climate neutrality,” said Marijo Zeljko, managing director of Cronimet.

The charging point is located on the undercarriage. When charging, stationary work can be undertaken, and the battery pack will recharge simultaneously. The 825 E can also be connected to conventional power sockets via an onboard charger and 63A CEE plug system.

It is currently used by Cronimet to feed its scrap press, saving an estimated 125 tons of CO2 emissions in two-shift operation annually when compared with the 817 E.

Operating at weights between 28.8 and 32.8 tonnes, the 825 E supports a 14-meter reach, with a 129kW diesel engine and a 110kW electric engine. The cabin is reinforced with a bulletproof windshield, and the magnetic generator provides 15kW of power.

It will be presented to the public at Bauma 2022.

As published by EVT International on Sep 21 2022
Edited by Ruurd Visser for LinkFiesta on Sep 22 2022