New Holland launches new D Series backhoe loader

New Holland has introduced the new D Series backhoe loader. The launch follows the earlier introduction of the new D Series wheel loader.

The new D Series backhoe features the new F36 3.6-L, four-cylinder engine from FPT Industrial. This delivers up to 82 kW and 460 Nm of torque. The engine includes the Hi-eSCR2 after-treatment system which incorporates low-rate EGR, SCR, and DPF systems to achieve Stage 5 compliance.

The SCR uses a maintenance-free filtering device that supports after treatment with a compact size, helping to support visibility and maintenance.

D Series machines offer various systems to boost efficiency, including the Eco Mode, which automatically regulates engine speed and hydraulic pressure in operations that do not require sustained speed and power. This can deliver improvements in fuel economy of up to 10%.

The Auto Idle feature also helps improve fuel economy by lowering engine speed when the machine is inactive for more than five seconds. Auto Engine Shutdown will switch off the engine after three minutes of inactivity.

The cab features a series of changes to improve the operator experience. Access has been improved, while the parking brake and stabilizer levers have been relocated. Switches in the right-hand console have been regrouped. Together with the new F-N-R (forward, neutral, reverse) switch integrated into the loader joystick, together with a joystick roller for extending dipper operation, these features help improve comfort and productivity.

The cab also has a rollover and fall-over protection certification, stabilizer check valves, backhoe transport lock, and available safety valves for hydraulic cylinders.

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